About Summit

In line with the vision of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Turkish Railway Summit will be held at Sirkeci Station between 21 - 24 October 2020 with thousands of local and foreign participants to contribute to the mutual information exchange and development of relationship networks of industry stakeholders.

The Turkish Railway Summit will be held in line with the need for industry stakeholders to come together despite the challenges of the pandemic.

In accordance with the social distance rules, the summit, which will be held with the participation of a limited number of guests, will be broadcast live on all online platforms, including social media platforms, the summit website and mobile applications.

21 - 24 October 2020

Sirkeci Station


Various workshops will be held within the scope of the summit.

Travel Photography Workshop

The workshop, where enthusiasts who love to travel and want to immortalize their memories will come together, includes the teaching of basic knowledge and skills about professional photography. It is aimed for the participants to continue their acquired skills as a professional hob

Miniature Workshop

Miniature art; is a traditional Turkish art. It is defined as a vivid painting and portrait in which the subject to be discussed without light, shadow, and perspective is explained in full. In the workshop, which will be held with the interested participants to the subject, scanning and painting techniques will be taught to the participants, and sample applications will be made.

Futuristic Train Design Workshop

A one-day workshop will be held with the expert design team that will carry out the workshop. It will be an experience that young designers who will participate in the workshop will show their talents and receive training from experts.

Ideathon of Railways

Demiryolu Ideathon'una başvur, 4 saatlik Ideathon’a katıl, genç fikirlerinle TCDD’yi geleceğe ulaştır!

24 October Saturday, 12.00-16.00


Who can join
University students

Experience Areas

Enjoyable and different kinds of activities to be carried out with the focus of the railway will be presented to the participants in the field of experience.

Branded Products Carriage

It is the area where the products produced for the TCDD store will be exhibited and sold.

East Express Special Exhibition

It is the area where the photographs of people who participated in the "Tam O An" Eastern Express Photography Contest will be exhibited

Railway Museum

It is the area where TCDD's old trains, locomotives and etc. will be exhibited in the form of a museum on the unused rails in Sirkeci Station.

Historical Clothes Museum

It is the area where the uniforms designed from past to present for TCDD personnel will be exhibited.


  • Day 1

    21 October, Wednesday

  • Day 2

    22 October, Thursday

  • Day 3

    23 October, Friday

  • M. Ergün Turan
    M. Ergün Turan, Mayor of Fatih
    Adil Karaismailoğlu
    Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of The Republic Of Turkey

  • Hakan ÇELİK
    Hakan ÇELİK, Journalist of CNN Türk
    Ali İhsan Uygun
    Ali İhsan Uygun, General Manager of The Republic of Turkey State Railways
    Giovanni Rocca
    Giovanni Rocca, FS Vice President, International Business Development Department
    Dr. Christoph Lerche
    Dr. Christoph Lerche, DB AG European Transport Policy Director
    Murat Hürmen
    Murat Hürmen, ÖBB- General Manager of Rail Cargo Turkey
    Neli Nikolaeva Andreeva
    Neli Nikolaeva Andreeva, NRIC - Strategic Development and Investment Projects Manager
    Álvaro Andrés Alguacil
    Álvaro Andrés Alguacil, ADIF (Spanish Infrastructure Manager), International Project Manager

  • İlber Ortaylı
    İlber Ortaylı, Writer

  • Daniel Huber
    Daniel Huber, Managing Partner – Design Director of Moodley

  • John Armıtt
    John Armıtt, Chairman National Express, Ex CEO Network Rail

  • Ali Saydam
    Ali Saydam, Journalist
    Enver İskurt
    Enver İskurt, Deputy Minister of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
    Çetin Ali Dönmez
    Çetin Ali Dönmez, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey
    Sezai Uçarmak
    Sezai Uçarmak, Deputy Minister of Trade of the Republic of Turkey

  • Selçuk Şirin
    Selçuk Şirin, Researcher, Academician

  • Abdullah Bocan
    Abdullah Bocan, General Manager of Durmazlar Railway Systems

  • Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin
    Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin, Economist, Academician
    Kamuran Yazıcı
    Kamuran Yazıcı, General Manager of The Republic of Turkish State Railways Transportation Inc
    Onur Göçmez
    Onur Göçmez, CEO of Arkas Logistics
    Fuat Pamukçu
    Fuat Pamukçu, DFDS Maritime and Transport Vice President / Gyiad President
    Murat Karatekin
    Murat Karatekin, CEO and board member of Pasifik Eurasia

  • Halil Bekar
    Halil Bekar, Photography Artist & Traveler

  • Adil Karaismailoğlu
    Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of The Republic Of Turkey
    Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
    Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President Of The Republic Of Turkey

  • Day 4

    24 October, Saturday


İş Birlikleri

Sirekeci Garı


Sirkeci Station

Bağcılar – Kabataş tramline // Sirkeci Station
Sirkeci Marmaray Station
Eminönü Bus Station
Eminönü - Karaköy Ferry and Motor Piers